Publick Occurrances Both Foreign and Domestick , 25 September 1690. The first known American newspaper, published in Boston. Focus on the first five paragraphs–the editor’s explanation of what this new journalistic genre called a newspaper would be all about. In what ways do its goals differ from those of newspapers you’re familiar with? Is anything the same? You don’t have to read the rest of the text–it’s a transcription of the entire newspaper–but feel free to browse it, and to click on the images of the original pages to enlarge and explore them, too. Those of you who have had occasion to read 17th-or 18th-century texts will recognize that the character that looks like a lowercase “f” without the crossbar was a variant of the lowercase “s”; it was used if the letter fell *within* the word, while the “s” we recognize was used at the *end* of the word.


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