W. Joseph Campbell (2017)

The Washington Post

“After the ‘Cronkite Moment,’ LBJ doubled down on Viet policy” The cherished tale/media myth is commonly known as the “Cronkite Moment” of 1968, when CBS anchorman Walter Cronkite supposedly exposed the bankruptcy of the Vietnam War. Forty-nine years ago next week, Cronkite declared in an unusual editorial comment at the close of a special report that the U.S. military was “mired in stalemate” in Vietnam and said negotiations might offer the country a way out. Go here to view article



Susan Brownmiller “On Goosing” (1971)

“On Goosing” The Village Voice is a New York City-based newspaper founded in 1955 by, among others, Norman Mailer, was one of the most influential alternative papers during the ’60s and ’70s. Brownmiller was at the forefront of Women’s Rights Movement in the 1970s. Brownmiller’s article spoke out against the socially acceptable behavior surrounding the sexual assault of women. She one of the organizers of a seminal January 1971 anti-rape “speak-out” event. Her publication, “Against Our Will: Men, Women and Rape” is recognized as her most famous work.

Associated Screen News of Canada “Royal Banners Over Ottawa” (1939) + YouTube

Associated Screen News of Canada

“Royal Banners Over Ottawa” Canada, which had once been a colony of the British Empire, had recently been elevated to the status of as an independent self-governing nation, though, as a member of the British Commonwealth of Nations, it retained a symbolic allegiance to the British monarch.


To the Associated Press (1865)

The New York Tribune

“Highly Important, the President Shot, Secretary Seward Attacked” The assassination of President Abraham Lincoln in Washington, D. C., in April 1865, was the subject of a series of increasingly detailed dispatches sent via electric telegraph from Washington to New York City by L. A. Gobright, the Washington correspondent for the New York Associated Press, then the most important news broke in the country. Gobright reported on this momentous news story more-or-less as it happened. (CU only)